Teaching international students:

This resource bank is designed for all staff in higher education who teach international students and is intended as a space for reflecting on and sharing teaching practices. This is organised according to the following sections:

  • Teaching case studies: A searchable database of teaching innovations that current teaching staff have undertaken with international students¬†
  • Pedagogies research: A resource bank of research related to pedagogies with international students
  • Practitioner resources: A resource bank of practicioner advice and gray literature about pedagogies with international students
  • Critical reading list for researchers: A curated reading list to introduce new researchers to critical concepts in the wider field of internationalisation of higher education
  • Toolkit: A collection of tips, ideas and food for thought based on the results of our research.¬†

This site is led by Sylvie Lomer and Jenna Mittelmeier with support from Parise Carmichael-Murphy, who are researchers based at the University of Manchester in the UK. We have received funding for this site from the Society for Research into Higher Education and AdvanceHE.