About the project:

Funded by the Society for Research in Higher Education, this project aims to:

  1. To map evidence-based understandings of pedagogic practices for and with international students
    1. To systematically review  published and grey literature on pedagogic innovations and adaptations for and with international students in the UK
    2. To document and disseminate the pedagogic practices undertaken by academic staff to teach international students in the UK
  2. To identify whether, how and why staff are innovating, adapting or retaining established pedagogic practices in response to the presence of international students
    1. To explore how and why staff are adapting or retaining particular pedagogic practices when faced with different teaching contexts, including different student demographics, disciplines and institutional cultures
    2. To explore whether and how evidence and literature informs and shapes academic staff’s understanding of pedagogic practices

Literature review

  • A systematic review of existing and enhanced practices of teaching and learning with international students, 2013-2020
  • Looked at teaching approaches and assessment
  • Status: complete
  • Findings: 50 articles reviewed, mainly small scale
  • Lots of emphasis on intercultural groupwork, limited evidence on changing other teaching practices
  • Limited evidence of critical approaches to internationalising pedagogy

Interviews with practitioners

  • In progress
  • We are looking for participants now!
  • If you teach in a UK university or other higher education institution and you teach international students, we want to hear from you!
  • Please contact us below to arrange an online interview