Dr Jenna Mittelmeier

Senior Lecturer in International Education
The University of Manchester

My research expertise focuses broadly on internationalisation of higher education. I am particularly interested in international students’ transition experiences, pedagogies with international students, and curriculum internationalisation. My work takes a critical perspective on issues of power, privilege, and ethics in international higher education.

In my teaching role, I am the Associate Director for PGR Training in the School of Environment, Education, and Development. I also lead an MA-level course unit about ‘Internationalising the Curriculum’.

Finally, I am the Research in Context editor for Journal of International Students and welcome contact about potential articles that fit the criteria of this section.

Contact me at jenna.mittelmeier@manchester.ac.uk 

Dr Sylvie Lomer

Senior Lecturer in Policy and Practice
The University of Manchester

My research focuses on policies on international students in the UK. It adopts a critical approach, focusing on public policy discourses to exammine how international students are represented.

I teach on the MA International Education, with a specialisation in policy and higher education studies.  I am also the departmental coordinator for PhD Education researchers.

I am part of the Critical Education Policy (CEP) research group and founding member of the Higher Education Research Network (HERE@Manchester). 

Contact me at sylvie.lomer@manchester.ac.uk